colorado moped law.

guess who just made my day. the DMV (Colorado). I went in to ask what the exact laws were pertaining to mopeds but the line was real long so instead I asked where I could attain information on what I needed to be able to legally drive mopeds here in Co. the nice lady looked up at me and told me straight up you don't need anything... upon further inspection i found out that I don't evn need to register it (it is the responsibility of the seller). sweet.

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oh yeah It was way overcast this morning but right now it is GORGEOUS. I think you all know where i'm gonna be.

Re: colorado moped law.

You do need a valid drivers licence , got one ?

Re: colorado moped law.

you do? that wasn't what the nice lady at the DMV told me. In her exact words " You don't need anything." I was put under the impression that meant I needed noothing. If you know of somewhere that it is written (the exact form of the law) I would love to read it, so I am not traveling illegally. I want to be good... (laughing) Seriously, though I do try to remain within the boundries of the law. All I ask of you my friend is point me in the proper direction.

Re: colorado moped law.

Kyle, in the resources section click links, then community sites ,then retro mopeds, my laws page then your home state Colorado. This could be wrong, better make sure. good luck, bruce

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