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new poster here from cape cod ma. if anyones ever in the area im down to ride. theres about 4 of us who regularly ride together.

ill start out with a pic of my ride.


Re: first post

what carb is that, why is your motor black, how hard was it to make that scooter pipe run down the right side, is that kitted (top end looks different somehow) are you sure it's a '99?

what you need are some shiny pedals.

j/k welcome to the army.

Re: first post

yeah its got the airsal 65cc kit, and its a kick start. im not %100 on the year. 14-12 delorto sha carb that im going to upgrade soon. any recommendations on carbs or intakes? i might just get the 16mm sha carb since its such an easy swap. im pretty good with my mechanics but not with my grammar. any input would be nice.

Re: first post

another pic of my friends bikes all lined up at my house. moped parties happen all the time.


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