need help deciding what to do

Currently I have 8 mopeds and I want to slim it down to 3, maybe 4.

1: 1978 honda hobbit

2: 1970 Motobecane 50V

3: 1979 Baretta 38 w/ sebring tank

Optional 4: either a motobecane 40T or a Sears Free Spirit (E50)

I could build:

Free Spirit with Sachs G3/Eagle 3 tank and seat, engine build


Motobecane 40T with built PA50II engine (with a french exhaust!)


sell both and do something else with the money (magnum?) or just have the three

so yeah, I need your help deciding/want opinions.

Re: need help deciding what to do

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

That's 5, what are the other 3?

Re: need help deciding what to do

Kevin Pierce /

85 Suzuki fa50 (selling to a friend hopefully if I can get the title from my girlfriends uncle), 76 motobecane 50v (selling to a guy who has a yellow motobecane road bicycle) , 81 motobecane 51v Le Moped that I am just going to sell on CL

Re: need help deciding what to do

Michael Dreamboat /

Where da Puchs at?

"God helps those that help themselves."

fallout Survivor /

Take some courses in self-confidence, decisiveness and leadership to help you learn to help yourself.

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