sears allstate moped

mark hutcheson /

just picked up this moped model #810.9400 not sure what year dark red white seat miss ing exhaust some carb internals and left engine cover would like to get it running or sell for parts

Re: sears allstate moped

I'd be interested in parts for sure, but if ya wanna get'er running, let me know. email me for manuals and alot of info, on a CD for $10, or sell me the motor and lights.

Re: sears allstate moped

@DeeZy ~Troy in Reno hgas those 2 allstates of sale for $380 ;~ones a runner and the other parts . ~~Something to think about ?!!

Re: sears allstate moped

I don't really need any more bikes, but I'd take parts.

oh... and my email is

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