Garage Door Opener

Just curious if anyone has done any integration for existing button/switches on the moped with a garage door opener. I carry one with me but since I have couple of unused switches I thought to try and run some wires from the storage area to handle bars and see if that would be able to trigger it.

Have not opened the transmitter nor looked at switches on the handle bar so just wanted to see if anyone has done that before.

Re: Garage Door Opener

Charles Cole (OFMC) /

They do it with cagers, all the time, so it should work with yours.

Re: Garage Door Opener

good luck, most door openers are board mounted momentary switches and usually use 4 leads

Re: Garage Door Opener

Salsa Salsa /

Cagers. My cage has a home link. I love it. I store all my ex girlfriends garage codes in it.

Re: Garage Door Opener


Re: Garage Door Opener

I have like 3 or 4 extra homelink modules....

Re: Garage Door Opener

i've taken out the driver seat and the steering wheel in my cage and replaced them with a moped. problem solved!

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