'73 Honda ST90

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Does anybody know about what it would be to register a 73 Honda ST90 (even an average in the US in general would be fine)? I keep finding info about motorcycles in general but they all talk about bikes from 2005 and newer and upwards of 150cc's. I tried finding information on what it would be to register and insure a scooter but yet again I keep finding upwards of 150cc's (I forgot modern scooters were that large haha).

On a side note, where can I find a battery that ships with the original 70's terminals on it? The last battery I bought that claimed it was for "70's Honda Dirtbikes including the ST90 and Trail 90 along with the CT70" and when it arrived, it was newer rounded terminals on it. The bike has the original flat terminals.

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$80 - 150 per yr insurance.

Registration - 20 - 120 depends on state

Title transfer 10 - 30?

Make inquiries with our DMV.. call or email.

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Change the battery leads to newer style and never worry about it again.

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Sweet!!! Howzabout some photos?

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I like the st90, you register it same's any old motorcycle, as long's taxes are up to date it should be under 100 bones. and yea, just swap the terminals.

or should I say termANALS

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