Help with my magnum

Paul Ramirez /

My Magnum is flooded and it won't start? Does anyone know how I could fix it?

Re: Help with my magnum

sir thaddeusforemen /

You might wna post this in the Repair section.

Re: Help with my magnum

spark, go through the wiring

Re: Help with my magnum

move it to hyer ground

Re: Help with my magnum

It takes 3 things for an engine to run.




If your engine doesn't run... 1 of those 3 things is gone.. or not good enough. (if your engine has all 3 of those things.. IT WILL RUN.. it does not have a choice!)

The 3 most common reasons why mopeds don't run are....

Dirty carburetor (inside)

Fouled spark plug.

Dirty, worn, or mis-adjusted ignition points.

Courtesy of the WiKi Section

Re: Help with my magnum

Patrick Keaton /

Remove the spark plug and act like you do when you try to start it, but with the spark plug removed. Do this for along time.Hold the spark plug in one hand, and pound the spark plug into your other hand to clean out the inside of the spark plug. Is the float bowl overfilling ? Are all the seals and gaskets good ? You may need an o ring between the carb and the intake manifold. Is the intake manifold tight enough ? (edited)

Re: Help with my magnum

Paul Ramirez /

Thanks everyone I got it started!

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