Good sealant for a carb

Anyone know a good sealant to use on a carb. I'm trying to replace my square bing with an sha and I'm not totally sure about the best way to affix the carb to the intake. Suggestions?

Re: Good sealant for a carb

Sealant belongs around your bath tub, and not anywhere near a carburetor.

Re: Good sealant for a carb

The wiki mentioned plummers putty, I thought that sounded weird but I thought I'd ask and see if there were any suggestions.

Re: Good sealant for a carb

You don't need any of that stuff, just get the right size nylon shim for your intake and you'll be set.

Re: Good sealant for a carb

Rollo Tomassi /

Decent auto parts stores sell sheets of gasket making material. It's a must have item in my opinion. Trace the intake on the sheet and cut it out. That's done right.

Re: Good sealant for a carb

For my bing, I used that "as seen on tv" silicone Fixit tape..

originally tried it out on my glass pipe (cause I was to lazy to buy a new pipe or roll a blunt) that I broke and it sealed it up air tight with no issues.

worked just as great on my carb, sealed it up again with no issues..

just need to keep pulling it tight as you wrap it around the carb intake couple of times.. if you need to get it off, no mess, just cut into the silcone with something sharp.

Re: Good sealant for a carb

Actually the dude at the scooter repair place mentioned that once, I'll check it out. Also I've used gasket cork before but I kinda have a clearance issue where i'mnot sure that would be the best.

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