Thank You Vets

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

May your day be filled with freedom and pride in having served the greatest nation in the history of mankind in the protection of our Constitution.

Moped riding vets or actives post up your unit and MOS! I bet there are plenty of us that ride.

MOS 35 Former MI COS 53rd Troop Command

1st I.D.

05 1975-present (IR)

Actives be alert, remember your training and come home safe! HUAH!

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Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

We gave some, but remember most those who gave all.

Re: Thank You Vets

USAF Nellis afb nv


Hoping to get the ped running again today

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4th generation military, 3rd generation SF... you could say its a legacy.

Let's remember all those lost and may they never be forgotten.

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King Drunky JCams /

Thank you veterans for your service.

Heros for sure.

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Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

The real heroes are those who did not return.

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Re: Thank You Vets

USCG (6yrs)

Honor Guard

HH65A/B/C Flight Mechanic

Semper Paratus

Re: Thank You Vets

Semper Fi~OORRAA !!

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proud to have known commander dan shanower. he was a high school pal of mine.


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Its hardest when its closest to home. My dear friend Andrew Bubacz died in the AOR. He was a lifelong friend, neighbor, cohort, and of the greatest human being that I have ever met. His parents still live accross the street from my father and have a flag flying 365 days a year, 24 hours a day in his memory right there in the front yard. His obituary will never come close to summing up the kind of person he was.

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Thanks Dave...Memorial Day is the day we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice or vets that have passed before us. We had to get a new US Veteran flag stand for my father in-law this year, as someone decided to "borrow" his. We went today to pay our respects to him and saw that they placed a brand new flag in it for him. Made me very proud that someone else is watching over him as well.

Veterans Day is the day for the rest of us.



320th Bomb Wing

Mather AFB, CA/ Anderson AFB, Guam

110th Fighter Squadron, CTANG


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My Dad was disabled from his service in World War II. I have plenty of others in my family that served including a great uncle that died just minutes after he landed in Korea.

All of you are the best, the bravest and I will always be thankful for the service you have given to our nation.

Thank you.

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USS Terrell County LST1157 '64-'65

USS Snohomish County LST 1126 '65-'67

In and out of Viet Nam

Re: Thank You Vets

all gave some...some gave all

Thank you to our service men and women


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Re: Thank You Vets

dc mopeds hung out at rolling thunder today... respect

Re: Thank You Vets

I Don't think so~Hit the road ya BUM !!~Nuff said !!

Re: Thank You Vets

Darrell Gabbard /

MCAS Cherry Point

2nd MAW MAG-14


Playboys all the way, Urahhhh!

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Hey, isn't there a ride today?

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