Digital Dash Upgrade - Tomos Quadro - DONE

When I got done installing my new USB seat charger yesterday, I decided to take a shot at mounting my Iphone to the handlebars so I could use the cool speedometer app I got for it. I cannabalized an old Scosche (sp?) Iphone car dash mount. Managed to get it firmly mounted to the thin cylindrical bar that runs between the handlebars near the top. I could not mount the Iphone in the stock dash location without removing the original speedo and relocating the key switch, something I didn't want to tackle anyway.

The trick was in getting the flat plastic back of the holder connected to the skinny round metal bar in a way that it wasn't free rotating around in a circle. A bit of creative zip tie application solved that problem close to sunset last evening. I got a couple shots of the installed unit on the ride back home from my shop (at the horse stables we have near our house here). At the end of the day, the Iphone holder is merely friction fit, but it is bound onto the bar tight enough that it won't jiggle out of place on it's own. The holder itself seems to be pretty immune from shock, holding the Iphone securely in it's rubberized locking claws.

Enjoy. (edited)

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