78 yamaha chappy

I have a 78 chappy an Im not sure how fast it should go. It goes 23 it im on flatland with no wind it goes 25. I dont think its soppose to be so slow but I dont know? If anyone has any ideas or knows anything Email at .. man5ongod@hotmail.com

RE: 78 yamaha chappy

That seems pretty normal..most mopeds max out at 30mph...

You might wanna consider cleaning all the carbon build up out of the engine and exhaust pipe to see if that helps at all.


RE: 78 yamaha chappy

I have a similar type, with a nitrous oxide tank on mine, i can get it up to about 55mph on flatland, downhill about 65. I also have a big bore exhaust can, which gives me a few extra horsepower up hills, perhaps u should try getting nitrous on yours, however its not too good for your engine :)

But before i got this, mine went about 30-33 on flat, 37 downhill, and about 27 uphill

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