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I bought my first Tri-Ped almost sight unseen -- or well, I should say that the pix of it were taken so close up and at such tight angles that I thought it was some kind of Phillipine/Jamaican rickshaw or jitney. Whatever it really was, the low low price was too attractive to pass up -- even adding in freight from Texas.

Looking back, however, three wheels were a real attraction due to my previous accident. I thought to myself: 3 wheels means I should not have to balance.

BUT, the very first time I rode her around in my front yard, I laid her down because I was lazy and not paying attention. Luckily no damage.

Now, with several hundred Sport and Standard Tri-Ped miles under my belt, I frequently use the full width of the bench seat on either model to maintain balance. The earlier and so-called Standard models had two seat belts but these were also originally limited to max speeds of abt 20 mph and some had wierd left-offset handlebars. Balance was not too much of an issue due to the low speed. Nevertheless, a rear brake on only the left-hand side meant that some turns were more controlable than others. Standard model suspension was mushier than the Sport models and this adds some additional handling problems.

The later Tomos-powered jobs (the higher speed and so-called Sport models) had no seat belts -- so the rider could shift his weight all over the bench seat for control and balance. These also had centered handlebars so the ususal single rider could flog the beast around most turns at speed by shifting around on the bench seat.

No matter what, I do still feel safer with three wheels under me.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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