Your moped preference?

I love my Honda Express!

It has no pedals, but it kicks ass!

Tell me now....

Re: Your moped preference?

I like the Puch myself. They're reliable, simple to fix, stylish, easy to find replacement and performance parts for, and very abundant (compared to most other mopeds.)

My vespa grande is O.K., too. It's efficient, smooth riding, sturdy, and variator belt drives are sweeeeet! Today, I rode it downhill with the wind and it hit 40+ mph! Up the same hill going into the wind it would only do 20. Time for some airbox drilling and re-jetting...

I'd like to get a motobecane, though (or at least ride one someday). They're just beautiful looking bikes.

Re: Your moped preference?

as far as performance, my vote is with honda pa50II... maybe i just got lucky, but mine is a damn workhorse. fun to work on, too...

but im with brandon on the puch's and motobecanes for style... my honda is pretty ugly. but i still love it. the vespa grande is a great moped, too... wish i had one..


Re: Your moped preference?

Motobecane Sebrings or Motomarina Sebrings are tougher than shoe leather,and very easy to repair.They have 2.5+ gallon gas capacity for long trips.They have heavy-duty suspensions and good electrical systems too(myself and Westy weigh a total of 310 lbs.and I routinely carry 40lbs. of gear with us).They are fine for a larger person or install foot pegs and you can carry a smaller person on the back.They have that slide-out rear rack(extends at least 18") which can carry 2 backpacks strapped down or anything else you desire.They have 17" wheels and a cushy seat for long trips.So I guess you can tell I'm nuts for Sebrings.GO MOTOBECANE SEBRING!!...YES!!

Re: Your moped preference?

PUEGEOT 102 Sport..

Re: Your moped preference?

chuck russo va /

i have to say im with tomos top tank peds, i ahve had 2 and just love them there pretty quick 47 mph down hill with turbo pipe and 27 tooth sproket

Re: Your moped preference?

P51 Mustang with pedals

I work on a lot of different bikes and my personal favorites all around are the Puchs and Piaggio Vespa mopeds.

I recently bought a Manet Korado and it combines the best features of both Puch and Piaggio. It has a Puch engine and a Piaggio single tubular steel frame (like a Grande only a single tube).

My personal ride is a Honda Urban Express, it is technically a "Noped" but is a 50 cc engine and tops out around 30-35. The Honda quality and engineeering really shows through. It is super easy to work on and it is a stellar hill climber.

I would love to find a Zundapp but so far no luck.

Re: Your moped preference?

I gotta chime in for sachs. Simple engine, good smooth ride. I just wish I had a few diffrent mopeds to compare with. the only other I have is an express, and I have to say it's just not my style. Way too small for me. Honda must have sold billions of the little suckers tho.

Re: Your moped preference?

Vespa Grande, turn signals and battery box stripped, goes 38 mph and the continuous variable transmission gives you pickup at all speeds.

Re: Your moped preference?

gimmyjimmy /

MINARELLI POWER!!!, of course!

Re: Your moped preference?

Reeperette /

Tomos Trike, it's a workhorse and damn near invincible if ya don't mind the spine-shattering ride.

It can haul serious cargo for a ped.


Re: Your moped preference?

minarelli minarelli minarelli ...

easy to repair ... simplicity of design ... reliable ... easy to modify ... classic italian styling

Re: Your moped preference?

I guess the one I have, Motobecane but I would love to go out and find an assortment of different peds so I could do actual comparisons. Wait better- old ones.

Re: Your moped preference?

My Yamaha Mate 50...Doesn't have pedals but it's stone reliable, fast with plenty of power and carrying capacity. I wouldn't hesitate for a minute to take it on that Canada/Alaska trip that Mummaw did...

Re: Your moped preference?

I agree Kyle

Re: Your moped preference?

Yeah,DaveI,that is a nice bike for sure!Reminds me of the `ol reliable Honda Passports.But it ain't got pedals and isn't it manual tranny?See,that puts it a notch above the Moped right there.And it outweighs most mopeds I think.Havin' fun back here in the good `ol USA,DaveI?

Re: Your moped preference?

Larry garrison /

What is the oil and gas mixture for a 1980 motobecane,Thanks

Re: Your moped preference?

Regina Powell /

It's completely illogical, but I love my l'il Indian. It's impossible to find parts or information for it, and I think there might be 10 of them in the whole world for all I know, but it rocks. I think my favorite thing is that it's 4-stroke, less fuss, less smoke and a tad burlier in the frame than most 'peds I've seen. Kinda dirt-bike-ish.

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