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Well, I suppose it's my fault, but I was stopped today on my moped while on my way to work. I got two tickets and a citation. One ticket for rolling through a stop sign (very low speed acceleration sucks on my machine so i generally slow to 3 mph or so), one for no insurance (i had NO clue i needed insurance on this (or that i could even GET insurance on it)) and a citation for having no plates (the guy was nice enough to at least not give me a ticket for that (only have to pay 25 bucks if i get plates in 10 days)). before my court date (10/27 (my goddamn birthday of all days)) i'd like to get insurance and plates so i can show that i complied with the law as soon as i found out what i did wrong. only problem is, i dont have a title. where would i go to get a title or bill of sale or something so that i can get an illinois title so that i can get plates and insurance (someplace thats fast preferably)? ANY help or comments would be greatly appreciated. thnx.

RE: Legal troubles

if the moped is 1988 or older you can utilize the international title service at for $75 within 7-10 days once they receive your notarized order they will send you the moped title for it. it's legitamate and works fine. i just got the title for my 79 motobecane yesterday from them. try that.


RE: Legal troubles

where are you from? sometimes cops don't know what they are talking about, just because they don't deal with mopeds on an everyday basis. look into if you actually need insuance before you pay a ticket.

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Sorry to here about you being hassled. Some cops just have nothing better to do than abuse the people. I agree w/ Dan. You probably don't need anything other than a license and a moped. However if you do need a title your states MVA or DMV will be able to give you a title the same as they would if you bought a used car someone lost the title to and it is definintly legal. You may also be able to get a public defender (I would not recomend it normally but the charges aren't to serious)

Good Luck,


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you need to get to your state DMV office and get their booklet. in that

booklet there should be a few pages on mopeds and their requirements in your

state. where i live, Missouri, i carry that book with my moped because all the

rookie cops love to try to write me tickets every Spring. most cops don*t

know the requirements because mopeds are pretty rare here.

if you pay the tickets you essentially plead guilty............look to see whats

in the state booklet.

RE: Legal troubles

needing plates, insurance, license, etc. is not so weird or friend recently gave me an old Honda Spree and i too was shocked when i found out how much paper work i had to in Texas i had to go take the written portion of the Motorcycle License Test to get a "Moped" license, then i had to buy liabilty insurance (luckily only $30/year), then i went down to the DMV to get the title signed over to me and got issued a new registration and all cost me like $100, including the insurance

RE: Legal troubles

Simon King /

wow, that's a really unsual amount of work and's really no questions asked here in michigan - you don't even show them the moped title, just buy a sticker and get out the door.

local laws confuse everything.

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