Ped Restoration

Hey, as anyone who read my other posts knows, I am trying to restore my 1978 Puch Kromag. Also, I am trying to do it on a VERY tigh budget! I'm willing to put the time and labor in it, but mot the money. Well, as a result of of feeding my old ped gas and 2-stoke oil, and parts being crappy and leaky, my Puch has developed a nice thick coat of oil that should keep it nice and warm in the winter. Well, I don't aprove of it and I want it off. On some parts, it's not really that hard to clean the coat off, but in others, it's just impossible to get to. Well, I need advice and/or help on how to get to those parts. So is anyone here at all skilled in discombobulating a ped to clean it up then recombobulating it?

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Re: Ped Restoration


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