where the hell is steve from GA?

where ya been, buddy?


Hi Casey and everyone else. Sorry I haven't posted lately. We've been busy having the flu in my family. Everyone has had a turn with it and it has taken us a while to get through it. Also, at work we have been moving into our new Firehouse and man, it's nice! Brand new building, brand new accessories inside (dishes, towels, Tv, phones, computers....Everything brand new. The best part is it has 3 drive-through bays so no more backing the trucks in off the street. We also have a huge parking lot so I have already figured out that I can open all the bay doors and ride my ped through the bays and around the building and have a pretty good sized track!

As for my Garelli, I still haven't painted the tank but I did have some new decals made for it at a graphics place and he did a decent job of it. I'm just procrastinating because I don't want to take the tank off and have to ride around with the plastic, lawnmower tank on it again!

I hope all is going well for everyone and I promise I'll be poking my head in more often now. I've been going back and reading old posts just to try to get caught up! More later but until then...

S&D !

Get this,Steve!

Hey,Steve!For your info.,I poured a new Fire station(all floors and drives and sidewalks back in 1985 or so in Chillicothe,OH.Still remember the big brass pole we had to imbed exactly plumb into the floors above to below.Got to slide down it a few times.What a hoot!Speaking of having the FLU;The building next door to it when we were pouring the Station was being torn down at the time.Guess what it had been built for?A temporary morgue back in 1920 or so to house all the dead in Ross Co.that were dying from the SWINE FLU or Spanish Influenza!People couldn't be buried quickly enough.They told me that workers that were building it back then were getting sick and dying even as they built it.So it became their morgue too.I didn't feel too good about all that dust they raised every day as they tore it down.Those microbes live a long time,you know?Welcome back,Steve! (:^)

Re: Oops....Sorry!

hey dood... hope you all feel better soon.

we just miss your smartassed-ness here on the forum.

i cant do it all by myself...


Re: Oops....Sorry!

Smartassed-ness? Baah-Ha-Ha-Ha!

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