I want to know about Tomos air filters.

Sprint Man /

Hey wuz up everybody, I'm thinkin about buying an air filter for my Tomos Sprint. I've heard people talkin about them, but I don't know what it does to a moped. Please tell me if it creates a hassel. I wouild also like to know if it gives the bike more performance in any way. Thanks

Re: I want to know about Tomos air filters.

Reeperette /

I doubt it would even be noticeable.

The Tomos carb has a metal-screen type airfilter which is as porous (low resistance) as most K&N products, so replacing it with one would prolly be a waste of money.

Now, what you could try, as some forum members have, is finding the black plastic airbox which attaches to the back of the carb, and remove that - but you would probably have to re-jet somewhat richer.

One of you who's done this, call off your jet size and save this dude $5-8, Willya ?

So far it's worked out well for those that have done it.


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