First timer with the police

Had my VERY first run in with a police officer today on my mo-ped.

My and my friend were up at a public park where there is tons of soccer fields and roads and parking lots to ride around on. We were there for a good hour, and on our way out a State Trooper pulls in, sticks his arm out the window and waves us over. We go over and he says some one called in a complaint about us. He did the normal routien, asked for our mo-ped permits and such.Got back into his car and talked on his raido for what seemed like an hour. To make a longer story not so long on our way leaving the park FOR THE SECOND TIME we look over and there is a lady standing on her deck looking at us with a phone standing up on the deck railing. People like that piss me off. We didnt do a thing wrong and she went and ruined our day.

Damn thoes senoir citizens!! :)

Trac Man

Re: First timer with the police

yeah, they suck. except when they are your grandparents.

Re: First timer with the police

You guys were out there doin burn outs wernt ya... dang kids!!!!!!!!!!


Re: First timer with the police

Hooligans is what they are. Terrorizin' them poor women and kids on their souped up motorbikes. they were probably hopped up on dope too. You can't let gangs get started... they'll run your whole town. Anybody ever see "The Wild Ones"? Damn Hooligans.

Re: First timer with the police

Hey Trac,

Sorry about your run in. Used to have em all the time. Of course its easier to run from the coppers when you have at least 125cc of liquid cooled 2-stroke fury between your knees. I responded to your note about the Suzuki. See my post for the info.

BTW: Has anyone ever tried stuffing a small (80-125cc) dirtbike motor in a ped frame? Then you could perform some serious hooliganism!

Re: First timer with the police

I had a run in with the police on my ped once. I was doing nothing wrong. Where I live, in Northern KY, you don't even need a license plate! Well, I do have a plate; an Ohio plate, so I can ride over there, (I could hit downtown Cincy with a rock), and that is where the rest of my moped gang lives. Well the officer came up to me and told me that he wanted to make sure that my plate had up to date tags. I said, "Did you know that you don't even need a plate to drive a moped in Ky, and he said, "I wasn't aware of that." I said, "you shoud check it out." Then he was like, "Well make sure those tags are visible on your plate...Have a good day" and got back in his cruiser and left. Moral of the story is: If you know more than the cop does about the moped laws of your state, you are in pretty good shape, and shouldn't have too much trouble making them feel stupid.



Re: First timer with the police

Yeah...Just don't embarass them too much or they'll find some other thing to hassle you about...

Carry a copy of your state's moped law with you...That saves alot of time and aggravation with ill-informed police.

Re: First timer with the police

hey man

i always say with all due respect.....when i do disagree with a

cop too. makes them think i have some manners.

i too carry my states moped laws in the dmv book under my moped

seat......ignorance of the law doesnt allow a cop to hassle you


Re: First timer with the police

Spike Bachman /

I think we all got off the subject here:


That old lady should pay for her mistake. I would make it a point to ride by her house on my way to that parking lot every single time. Maybe I would stop my noisy moped in front of her driveway while I leaned over to tie my shoe. Or maybe I would pull the compression release on my 'ped to give it that little extra bit of noise noise. Maybe I'd just rev my engine while wearing my cut-off RATT t-shirt and flick ashes into the street while giving her house the stink-eye.

Thank you.

Ya got it all wrong spike...

Reeperette /

Offer to have tea with her, a lot of times old people feel threatened by folks like us, and if you can get em to see past that they're pretty decent folks....and they know tons of useful and interesting stuff.

Of course, if they just want to be nasty, and some do...well, then perhaps a little kickback might be justified...

But TRY bein nice first, yannow ?


Re: First timer with the police

yeah, but if he's wearing a RATT t-shirt, he's cool with me.

what comes around goes around,


From "The Wild Ones"

"Johnny... What are you rebelling against ??"

<IMG src="">;

Johnny : ........ "Whattayagot ?"

Marlon Brando played "Johnny"

<IMG src="">;

Many say the movie was one of the key things that put the image of motorcyclists in the mind of the American public as crazy dangerous drunken lowlifes to be feared and avoided in the '50's.

That... and the Life magazine photospread that followed (some of which was faked)

Coals of Fire,Trac Man!

Hey,Trac Man! If you think back to the incident,could you maybe have been riding a little fast for the speed limit or something?I'll tell you what I did one time and I felt like a fool.It was Memorial Day weekend and I asked Linda if she wanted to picnic at Lake Alma.The weather was perfect so we loaded 2 Sebrings and went there to ride a little.Well,I used to work at that park years ago,so I was pretty comfortable on the perimeter road.BUT I didn't rtealize they had made it one way for a bicycle and walking path deliniated on the road.Now Westy and I and Linda are having fun riding when the park policeman shows up.He was polite but told me I was riding the wrong direction half the time.So I apologized and everything was cool.BUT THERE ARE some people out there that just can't stand to see anyone having a good time,and I suspect that's the kind of person she is.Just stay within the law and go wherever you want.S...M...I...L....E.., when you go by her house!I'm not saying you were in the wrong.Not at all.(:^)

Re: First timer with the police

Spike Bachman /

Hi Reeperette,

Yes, You're absolutely right. I hope nobody who read my post was encouraged to harass anyone! The only reaction I was looking for was a laugh.

It's my experience that being uptight is its own punishment. And more than likely those people just want to feel important.

Having tea is a much better idea.

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