Re: Robot penis top tank?

Ulf Sonnevelt /

sure dick


Re: Robot penis top tank?

looks like you

Re: Robot penis top tank?

Gromosaurus Rex - Brad Pitt /

yo....what pipe is that ? How does it perform ?

Re: Robot penis top tank?

I already wrote all about the pipe, Mr Pitt.

Moby Simo auto adj + boss, and some other pipe I welded together.

Hits really hard around 8k, don't know about overrev yet. Haven't taken it up to top speed yet. I also haven't ported the DR yet...

Had to use all heavy weights in the Tjt, due to the extra secondary spring in the rear.

Re: Robot penis top tank?

What is the tank? Old school fire extinguisher? I wouldnt paint it...looks rad.

Re: Robot penis top tank?

1979 pneumatic refillable water fire extinguisher.

Yeah, it's so unusual that I really wanted to use it.

I have a big copper one that's really pretty, but it didn't fit this bike.

Maybe it would work on a custom frame. Like those Briton bikes...

Re: Robot penis top tank?

I made a still out of one of those

Re: Robot penis top tank?

Why do I not doubt that?

How was the end result?

Re: Robot penis top tank?

Ditch that nasty boob plastic on the seat... Looks ugly as sin. Unless you were going for the look like you just hot glued shit together.

Re: Robot penis top tank?

KEEP THE NIP!!! looks awesome.

Re: Robot penis top tank?

i can't wait to see what this turns into!!!

Re: Robot penis top tank?

Welp, just took it out on it's maiden voyage since the mods,

First off it runs great and the seating position and handling is great.

But I might have a problem. The thin metal on the stainless tank resonates a lot. Woooooooooooo My junk is buzzing!

The tank is not full, only has 1/8 tank in it now. I bet by using more foam rubber to decouple the tank from the frame, and keeping it 1/2 full or more will do a lot.

Otherwise I might need to use a thicker walled steel air compressor 2g tank. I have a few I could use if needed. Not as pretty, but they'd work.

Does anyone with top tank experience notice a hollow resonance sound from the tank when you're close to empty?

I'm using a car headlight like I read on here somewhere about hobbits. Supposedly the stator can handle it.

Re: Robot penis top tank?

ive used foam pipe wrap from the harware store, then tighten it down real good.

Re: Robot penis top tank?

what is that tank from ?

need to chop one up for a belt guard for a project...thanks

Re: Robot penis top tank?

I've been diggin into this.

Scootertrash suggested moving the motor mount, and I agreed. Moved it back about 3-4in.

Its still not done, have to grind down some welds and clean up the frame a bunch....just had to slap some paint on to stop the rust from taking over while I ride it for awhile.

Yeah, I know the kickstand is still red. It's a testament to it's beginnings. it's get some color soon.

I found out why my balls were getting so fucked up on this hobbit.

The steel intake I made was getting smacked by the frame on bumps. Jeez! I'm surprised it didn't break the reed block off.

Oh, the rear light is a 36 led trailer light. It's illuminated as a running light in the shots. When you hit the brakes, POW! Like looking at the sun.


Should I change the rear trunk to be black like the headlight helmet fairing?

I'm leaning towards painting it black as well.

Oh, I extended the shocks about 2 inches after these shots were taken,

they kept letting the frame hit the tire on big bumps. Was gonna chop the tube part of the frame at the rear (under the seat) but decided to try extending the shocks first.


Re: Robot penis top tank?

if someone cant see that taillight they dont need to be driving! lol awsome! is that a baseball helmet up front?

Re: Robot penis top tank?

yep, got the idea on MA.

Re: Robot penis top tank?

Oh, I converted this to 12V as well,

I just used a scooter rectifier/regulator, and an extra dewalt 12V drill battery I had here.

Works great, without it I'd be blowing up leds for sure, voltage at 8k rpms is at about

Re: Robot penis top tank?

wow man thats looking real good. the tail light looks great with the rest of it.

Re: Robot penis top tank?

Dude, your bikes are all sick. Have you thought about using Cream tank liner (or some other brand) in the tank. If you do a few layers, it may take some of the resonance sound out. Either that or a belt strap in the middle with rubber between the belt and the tank. Also may dampen it.

Re: Robot penis top tank?

Thx Scooter n Matt! The vibrations have pretty much stopped since I filled the tank with more gas and also since i used rubber shop flooring strips under the tank's hose clamps.

Re: Robot penis top tank?

@Jay~ What ever happend to that Fine Putt you were riding at the Reno 2011 Rally as it was a Very Cool Putt~?

Re: Robot penis top tank?

where can i find a tank like that??

Re: Robot penis top tank?

@don- it's here. Thx. Been playing with seat options on it. I rode it on the East Bay Moped Lions Mt Diablo ride.

The tank is a stainless 70s fire extinguisher,

I moved the cap from the top to the side (now the top) for this application.

I dented it to fit more forward on the frame. They're cheap to buy, and no worry about it rusting out...

Re: Robot penis top tank?

needs to be more penisy

Re: Robot penis top tank?

Hahaha, I wanna ride this BAD!

Re: Robot penis top tank?

paint some veins on it?

Re: Robot penis top tank?

Cover your front fairing in tin foil.

Or "chrome" as I call it.

Re: Robot penis top tank?

Finally got to take the stretched hobbit on a spin, and it's just fantastic.

The rear shocks are a bit soft, but its very comfortable to ride now.

The longer wheelbase make it feel more stable, as well as the pedals being pulled back further which allows my legs to rest in a more natural position.

Pull back those motor much better.

Re: Robot penis top tank?

right the fuck on!, makes a little more full size

looks awesome too! (edited)

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