i guess i like to break things

ok here's the new scenario. i broke my ped, but i didn't mean to. it was running a lot goofy (ten or so mph) at full throttle. i inspected and noticed the screw that normally has the spring on it was gone. i put a new screw in the hole and the bike was raren to go. i went (heavy about 150 lbs) so a total weight of about 290 (maybe). about two miles down the way the bike sais i have no more gas. ok. gas station. more gas and the engine humms, no it screams. too much power in the ass with all that extra weight and the bike takes off lands on the right side after throwing me around like a rag doll. the fall (i think) bent the left pedal so it strikes that metal thing the belt rides in. i have re bent the pedal but the damn thing still wants to be mean. here's the current problem, when i pedal i can get combustion to take place unfortunately if i stop so does the combustion. help i want to go home.

Hey Collins can you translate this to english?

Couldn't quite make out what Kyle was trying to communicate in his post.


Re: Hey Collins can you translate this to english?

really, so you added a screw and 140 pounds and it really helped out enough to do wheelies and thingies??What in THE hell are you talkin about?

Re: Hey Collins can you translate this to english?

hell of an idle adjustment screw.

Re: Hey Collins can you translate this to english?

maybe the extra pounds were from his portable meth lab.

Re: Hey Collins can you translate this to english?


Sounds like he drank a whole twelve pack of dumbass.

Re: You guys don't get!

Kyle inadvertently disconnected the governor and derestricted it and all it took was one screw!!


Re: You guys don't get!

figured there was a screw loose somewhere.

Don't mind us Kyle

Its fun to make fun of people.

Just try to word your posts a little clearer.

You will get plenty of help if you work with us.

Don't let our smartass comments put you off.

Re: Don't mind us Kyle

fred's gettin' soft on us!

just kidding, buddy... =]


Re: Don't mind us Kyle

well aside from all the sarcastic comments i got the bike running again, it only took six hours in sub-zero temp (exagertion). I have an honest question does everyone work on there bike as much as they ride it or is it just me? I also have one word for the wise, "Never try to move on a moped."

Re: Don't mind us Kyle


Re- reading your original post, it sounds like the idle screw fell out, causing the engine speed to drop.

If you screwed it in all the way when you replaced it, the engine would be running at a high RPM. Hence the quick acceleration when you startd the engine again.


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