I'm so excited, I just have to rant. Feel free to ignore me.

It warmed up to near freezing today so I took my brand new Tomos to work. I don't think I've ever had so much fun enroute to my job as I did today.

I had cyclists stop me and jealously ask questions. I had pedestrians cheer me on. I had Jeeps cut me off (2 out of 3 ain't bad) (the cool thing about this... normally, when I would ride my bike, all I could do was throw stones at people who cut me off... now I can catch up to them, ride beside them and let them know that I would appreciate-very-much-if they-wouldn't-do-such-things-in-the-future-please)

I think my wife will learn to appreciate it too... I even offered to stop at the grocery store on my way home, just so I could take a detour and ride longer.

I haven't gotten any winter tires yet (found some in town though), but I have faith that the snow will be gone in a couple weeks and it'll be free riding through the summer.

One question.... I pulled into parking lot at work and thought 'where the #%^#$ am I going to park this thing so I don't lose it?'

Do most people chain their mopeds to bike stands or what?

Re: Wahoooo!!!

Park it beside your desk, it's the only safe spot.

Re: Wahoooo!!!

Ive done it, this summer when i start college I will be locking my tomos to a bike rack.I got me a locking gas cap so no one can rurn by purdy moterped..


Re: Wahoooo!!!

I get away with chaining it to bike racks-- or just leaving it somewhere close

Re: Wahoooo!!!

Yeah I chain mine to bike racks, it's safe during the daytime at school. If I'm in a bad part of town or won't be around for a while, I really don't like to leave a ped unattended, even chained.

Fortunately one place I work lets me park it in the lobby of the building, and I still run a chain through the front tire spokes and around the body. Having it near a window, so you can just look out to check on it, is a plus.


Reeperette /

Try not to chain it to a bike rack unless that rack is set in concrete, not just bolted down to it.

I lost a really nice Puch that way, bastards took the rack and all in a pickup truck.

See also other, older threads on moped security in this forum.

(try "Stolen Moped" as a search string)


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