bi-turbo hellllllppppppppp

ok heas the deal.......i had my bi-turbo pipe for about 3 months it was fine until today.........i was driven along when all of a sudden i here clank.....clank....clank....i stop the ped get off look back and i see the cap the spring and the long chrome part that sticks out in the back (u know its in the center of the pipe and the exhaust fumes come out of it) any way the part that sticks out and i cant explain seems to have broken off sum how .......can sum 1 gimme some tips ideas or anything to help me i would reallllyyy apprecriatttte it


Re: bi-turbo hellllllppppppppp

A lot of people here take the wadding out, that requires knowing how that little (cotterpin?) Thingie and cap goes back together.

I've asked about this before, and someone gave a long, detailed explanation.

I know exactly what your asking....just can't think of any good keywords to link back to that thread--- someone put a lot of time into an "idiot-proof" step by step.

Re: bi-turbo hellllllppppppppp

Hey.... has the parts you lost, the spring clip will pop out if it dont fit good or is weak, guess you could run about 3 screws around it and would never pop out. Chris at MWH also has the packing it come with... I cut mine in half (noise) and can get 2 cleanings from it... yes they too have to be cleaned out and some holes unstopped in the center part at the end... not a big deal! Doug D

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