Any MD/DE moped riders...

psychowulf (Chris) /

If you're interested in forming a chapter please post here with your info or e-mail me (, ICQ me (51807541), or try telapathically...

I myself am located on Marylands Eastern Shore (The Del-Mar-Va penninsula for those who aren't from around here). Because of this the Eastern Shore and Deleware people would be easiest to get ahold of etc... So in light of that perhaps we could have one chapter covering us and then have a Western shore and Eastern shore breakdown of the chapter.

What I'm thinking is if we can get a chapter started I can build a webpage for us to contact each other/promote mopeding in MD, and possibly schedule events.

In fact a really fun even idea would be a Ocean City moped rally, kind of like the ones they hold for classic cars there. Bonus for that? We then have the beach right there and can ride our 'peds on the boardwalk as they are classified as bikes.

Please give me feedback on this, I'm trying (and failing) to find moped ridders on the Shore, and while the Western shore seems spread out too perhaps if we unite under e-mail and forums we could make this a reality.

Till then,

psychowulf (Chris)

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Oh yeah possible name...

psychowulf /

The Deuces...

I think there's a lot we can do with that name, plus if we form a sort of "dual chapter" it would make sense.

Think, two wheels, two stroke engine, two groups in same chapter...

Plus there are so many cool things we could do to a deuce for a symbol.

Roomates idea: Take playing card deuce drawing, add in flaming skull, circled by "Moped Army".

shrugs But then again as I'm only one person out of the hopeful chapter this is all debateable, just throwing some ideas out.


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RE: Oh yeah possible name...

probably your best ped for starting up a branch is locating mopeds for your local friends to purchase. i know that's a lot of work especially when it's not even for your own moped but once one or two of them get mopeds most likely the rest will follow and get them themselves. it'd be better if all local anyways (at least to start) cause then you can all cruise together on a regular basis rather than just when you can manage to meet up. online check out ebay auctions and classifieds. probably the best (no shipping) and cheapest (people with mopeds in their garages don't really value them highly) way to get a moped is to check around locally. people still have mopeds from the 70's moped revolution stored away collecting dust and are mostly eager to get rid of them once you express interest. check out the local papers and post wanted signs on bulletin boards and such.

best of luck to you chief. let us know what happens.


-moped army-

RE MD rider


I'm from MD (Carroll County) is that close enough? I am trying (in vain it seems) to find riders to help fufil my greatest vision: Mopeding all the way across the great state of Maryland, from the Blueridge Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. Wanna ride?

Seeya round,


Wow, that'd be cool...

psychowulf /

I'd love to do that...

Just would need to get to the Blueridge mountains first...

laughs For me it'd be easier to go the other way. Plus I think we'd want to circle the Chesapeake Bay, I myself wouldn't want to risk the Bay Bridge... I don't have the gazongas for that one.


RE: Wow, that'd be cool...

Shane J. Wolfe /

Guys! EMAIL ME!!!

WE can set this up.. the bay bridge would be no problem.. I could get a van or something to carry the mopeds in until we get back... we should do this over spring break.

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