brakes, honda express

how do i tighten the brakes

on a honda express, 1980

canary yellow


how do i know if they need more serious work.


Re: brakes, honda express

Ron Brown /


I'm sorry, if it had been a red one, I could have helped you.

Just kidding.

If the levers come all the way back to the handlebars, you need adjustment, if they don't, but the brakes don't stop you too well, something is wrong.

Look at the brake levers on the wheel hubs. When the brake is on, the cable and lever should make a right angle. If it goes past, to more than 90 degrees, the shoes may be worn. Look around the spindle where the arm attaches to the hub and see if there is a wear indicator. This is usually a mark on the spindle and hub which line up when the brake shoes are worn.

If the lever angle is wrong but the shoes are not worn out, you should take off the lever and reposition it.

The brakes are normally adjusted using a barrel screw adjuster on the cable a the brake lever or at the hub.

You should have no drag with the brakes off and about 1/2" of play at the outer end of the lever before they begin to operate.

Make sure the levers and cables are well lubricated. Don't use more than a drop or two of oil on the spindle going into the hub.

If this does not help, you may have to open the drums up and clean them.


Re: brakes, honda express

I had one of these--- there's an adjustment at each wheel, where the brake lever hit it. one you can tighten by hand, the other you might need a small wrench. I think the back brake can be adjusted with your hand only.

It's easy, I've made adjustments at stop-lights before. ask, if this doesn't help. I no longer have an express, trying to get a visual image of it.... look at the cable, follow it from the lever to the do-hickey right before the wheel.

Re: brakes, honda express

I had the same problem, but i hand tightened the back "do hickey" all the way...

I figure i need new pads.

I discovered a small hole in the front brake cable, and water had gotten in and rusted everything. so now i need a new cable

and now i have no brakes....

That doesnt stop me! (literally)

i now have discovered that dragging my feet for about 20 yards will stop a 30 mph Honda Express.

Hope this does some good


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