newbie - have Foxi moped

just found out about this site :)

i live in central ny at the moment though my homebase is boulder colorado (where, sadly, i left my moped)

i have a 1977 Foxi moped (Dutch-made) with a Sachs engine. same at the attached photo, but mine is blue. its a beauty and it seems that there are not many Foxis in existance.

anyone else have a Foxi? i could use some idea where to find them.

Re: newbie - have Foxi moped

They've got Foxi parts at Handy Bikes and MopedWarehouse Call 1-614-299-0550 or 1-877-268-6909 and you'll find your parts,I'm sure!WELCOME COPPER!

Re: newbie - have Foxi moped

thank you so much!

4 days off.....Yippeeeee!!

Sure,Copper!Well,I gotta take my 4 days off work now,so I'll recommend you ask anything you want to know about that Foxi from these guys at the MopedArmy.Boy,I hate to take that many days off in a row lie that(snicker),but SOMEONE'S gotta do it!!! BaHaHaHaHaaaaaaaa!Enjoy your Foxi,Copper! (:^)

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