I was just wonderin what would be the best stuff to use to grease my chain and how do i know if its tight enough and could my chain get too tight?

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If your chain is too tight, it will slow your ped would know because you would feel resistance. As far as chain grease....Go to you local bicycle shop and buy some.

Do a search,Andrew.

Every once in a while,Andrew,you should clean your chain.I clean mine every 1200 miles or more unless I've been on a lot of gravel roads.I've been avoiding most of them lately.You do a search on this site for chain and you'll peobablycome up with some good suggestions as to cleaning.I just take mine loose by removing the master link and wriggle it around in kerosene,while brushing it off with a parts brush.Then after all the grit has fallen to the bottom of the oil draining pan,I re-lube it with heavy oil and finish it up with STP gear lube.Works great!But if it's got a lot of miles on it,you probably should spring for a new chain.Saves a lot of grief out on the road.Oh! As to adjustment:Most ``peds need 3/4" of play while laden with your weight.Do the search.

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Ron Brown /


Put your ped on the stand and turn the rear wheel slowly by hand. Look for the tightest spot in the chain, if this is caused by a sticky chain link, lube that link and work it by hand until it does not stick.

After you find the tightest spot, if you have no rear suspension, make sure you have about 3/8' of up and down play midway between the front and rear sprockets.

If you have rear suspension, take the ped off the stand and have someone put weight on the rear until the front sprocket center, swingarm pivot and rear sprocket center all line up in a straight line. In this position, you should have about 3/8" of play midway between the front and rear sprockets.

If you like, you can put the ped back on the stand and measure the play in the chain, then use this measurement next time.

As for chain lube, get a cheap 1/2" paint brush and use it to paint your chain with motor oil, almost any weight between 20 and 50 or multigrade is OK. Make sure the oil flows between the link side plates and between the rollers and side plates. Wipe off the excess with a rag or paper towel.


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