Is the Puch company still around? I was just wondering if you can still by them.

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Yeah.It's Hero-Puch from India,I think.And there's a Puch Korado and others.But I'm not sure they still make true mopeds with pedals.

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They do make them with pedals. If I had to buy a brand new moped, I would go with a Tomos. They seem to be the most reliable new mopeds around...At least here in America. Otherwise, I would say Sachs or Vespa. They have some bitchin ass new models that they sell in other countries!


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InfectedBootSector /

Puch was around until about 1987 in their best. After that, they sold their moped division to Sachs, who sold it to the company that owns the name now (Hero). They still use a very similar motor, but like mentioned before... buy a Tomos if yer gonna get a new one. I don't know if I would trust the Indian bikes or not...

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i wasn't going to buy one, i was just wondering about parts and stuff. my 1980 puch newport 2 only has 90 miles on it!

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