LOOK at this!!! I`m lucky!!

I just got a blue 1995 Targa TT from Don- Ohio. The side covers were missing! I had 1 red one and a black one, no blue!

My wife is a "powder coater" for Mac Tools! She has powder coated tool boxs for Dale Jarrett and Jeff Gordon and other Nascar teams. I bead blasted the old side covers and she took them to work and the rest is history!! The blue is about as close a match to the original as possible!!

And, she recently brought me home a $7,000 tool box for $500.00!!!!! I`M a "lucky" guy don`t ya think??


Re: LOOK at this!!! I`m lucky!!

Yes,Ike,you are a fortunate fellow indeed.Glad you got the side covers done.They look really good.I remember that great big monster tool-chest too.Now my question is;What's this gonna cost you when gardening season gets here and she wants help?You got a nice big yard out there,you know.

Re: LOOK at this!!! I`m lucky!!

Hey Don.. do me some research find me a 102 or just a good moped.. im F*#$ing Tierd of not being able to get parts or a reliable moped.

I don't have a huge amount to spend.. but I am gonna probly gop ahead and bite the bullet and buy a nice one.. maybe not a brand new one.. but one that is like new quality.

you know of any.. you have one for sale? I guess it doens't have to be peugeot.. I am just stuck got three diffren't mopeds here all in parts heaps and I cna't even put htem together to make just one.

Re: LOOK at this!!! I`m lucky!!

hey duck.. there are a couple puegeots on Ebay right now... check 'em out.

they look super nice.


Re: LOOK at this!!! I`m lucky!!

yeah the 102 and the 103 both have a 400 reserve on them.. i;ve already called both the sellers... 400 plus 150 shipping fee that if i wint he auction for the reserve rice.. hell anouther 200 bucks and I could get a new Tomos or Kenetic.

Thanks for looking out though Casey..

Re: LOOK at this!!! I`m lucky!!

Joseph Grimes /

It is definitely a nice box! I'm sure you will have no trouble putting it to good use. :)

Posted a message about taking all the spokes off my rear wheel without making a sketch of the design. I may need to look at your Garelli rear wheel for a reference!

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