Snowmen don't ride mopeds!

They can't last forever, The Sun is shining my day will come!!

And to think I found it in the trash...


Re: Snowmen don't ride mopeds!

Aw,get you some knobby tires and TAKE OFF,Russ!I rode my `ped in the snow this year a little.It was kinda' neat!

Re: Snowmen don't ride mopeds!

Dammit! I rode to work this morning, and it was bright and sunny, a little cool. I didn't even wear a jacket. it's dropped at least 15 degrees since then and now I have to ice-cycle it home at lunch to get the jacket. At least I don't live too far from work.

Windshield kills Windchill.....

...Windshield,windshield,etc........Yeah,it's getting colder hgere in Ohio this afternoon.Supposed to bottom out tonight at 15 degrees .....BUMMER!!

Re: Windshield kills Windchill.....

oh god.. I hear ya don.. I don't know what I am going to do.. it has been in upper 70's all week and tonight it might get down to 50ish...

(I HATE all you "i just found this puegeot in the Trash" type people) I have been looking to spend good hard cash for one for EVER.. GAH! sticks tongue out at everyone

Re: Windshield kills Windchill.....

Duck!You quit talkin' bout that North Florida Weather,which is basically where you live.The whole Northern Army will come down and get you for that!I'm bringin' my swimmin' trunks and shark repellent and comin' lookin' for you! LOL!!

Re: Windshield kills Windchill.....

Yeah Don....First break at work it was sunny. Second break it's sleating and getting really cold! When is this shitty weather going to end?

Re: Windshield kills Windchill.....

July,Crisis,.......July,I'm afraid.Yuch!

Re: Snowmen don't ride mopeds!

I found mine in my uncles shed. it only has 96 miles on it! Just when i finally get it running, it snows 10 inches


Re: Snowmen don't ride mopeds!

Yeah,I saw that on the weather channel.Bad break!We ain't got the snow here,but we got bad temperatures.Hang in there,ToeHead! (:^)

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