Yea! Got my stuff from

InfectedBootSector /

Hey guys! I FINALLY got my stuff from!

Now all I need is a 70cc head, a throttle cable, and a handle bar mounted choke lever! Still have to start the tear down.

Anyone have any tips on the Eurocylindro kit?

How's the shipping compare to others?

Just wondered about shipping costs?Go for it,Infected! (:^)

Re: How's the shipping compare to others?

InfectedBootSector /

It was about 40$ for shipping, so the total for everything came in at under 280$

that's for

Chopper Seat

Headlight Protector

Chrome Side-Stand

Arreche Carb

70 CC Jug and Piston

Performance Crank Shaft

Chrome Steering Plate

Intake Manifold

All gaskets

You might as well buy your kit here if your gonna get one. They come with the head most of the time if you nuy them in the states and you get the exhaust and all the cables with it usually.

I still need to get about 150$ worth of parts before this is going to work out...

I still needs

Crankshaft side bearings

70cc Head

Choke-handlebar mounted

Gaskets for Crank Case

Anyone know if I can still use the B6HS NGK Plugs fer this beast?

choke on handle bar

well, if it's any help, when you order, the 78 sachs westlake has the choke on the right side handle bar, along with the throttle. If you find a new one, it even has choke written on it.

Re: choke on handle bar

chuck russo va /

hey infected, mopedwarehouse now sells a choke lever for the amal carb, its 20 bucks and they claims that its cheaper than buying the lever and cable but i dunno because i ahve never looked into it

Re: choke on handle bar

On the spark plug.

More than likely you should go with a colder plug... the more HP you make a motor make... the hotter it is going to run... and you need a cooler plug in it or the piston will get a hole melted thru its top.

The kit is likely to have the same recommendation.

So get a 7 and an 8... start with the 8... if it runs good and is tan on a plug chop... leave it.

If its dark brown and fouling... go to the 7.

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