Motobecane Moby engine sticks in 2nd speed

Simon King /

When I'm driving my 1980 Motobecane Moby for a long distance and then go to stop it sticks up in second gear, and the engine comes out of it with a harsh pull and loud "klunk". When the Moby goes into 2nd it pulls the engine up toward the frame - on some sort of spring. When I ride it for a really long time at full throttle it has actually stuck up there and i've had to knock it down by putting the kickstand up - which pushes on the muffler to push the engine down, not something i want to do too often.

So has anyone had this problem had this problem? Any ideas on what is making the engine stick up in 2nd gear like that?

It only happens when I travel for a distance, so I thought it might have something to do with heat...

RE: Motobecane Moby engine sticks in 2nd speed

I dont have any experience with Mobys, but your problem sounds pretty common. You're right about the heat thing...most likely its your transmission fluid. If your fluid level is low, the heat will cause it to burn off and lock up the 'ped. I would definately check the trans. fluid level and change it. Drain all the fluid and add NEW transmission fluid. Also, it could be the clutch, I would check that too. Like i said, I dont have any experience with mobys so I could be off the mark here, but it sounds like a generic problem.

Hope this helps


RE: Motobecane Moby engine sticks in 2nd speed

Simon King /

good advice, but the thing with the moby is that there is no transmission fluid - it's a dry that can't be it. i'll keep experimenting.

RE: Motobecane Moby engine sticks in 2nd speed

Jon Lewis /

That definitly sounds like you are overheating. Try adding a touch more 2-stroke when you mix your gas and richen your mixture a few clicks. Also check your spark plug. If it has white char then you are well on your way to an engine seizure.

P.S. If you do add more oil then make sure you carry an extra plug and plug wrench in case you carbon foul it.

Hope I could be of some help.

Jon Lewis

RE: Motobecane Moby engine sticks in 2nd speed

Simon King /

that didn't seem to do much for me - it's a strange situation. it's snapping back pretty good now - but still with quite a bit of force. when i get the time i'm going to clean up under the engine and see if i can't lube up the hinge that controls the engine pulling back. damn strangest thing.


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