Morini/Biturbo Exhaust Compatibility

Hey there...I've got a 1980 Pacer Moped that has...exhaust issues. I need to replace the exhaust, especially the muffler. I'd like to go to BiTurbo but I'm not sure whether there is a BiTurbo model that would fit the exhaust manifold/gasket on an old Morini engine, let alone the frame mounting point to supoprt the back end of the muffler. Anybody have any thoughts suggestions on this? Anyone know a place I can get a BiTurbo exhaust really cheap?


RE: Morini/Biturbo Exhaust Compatibility has them for $89 last i checked. thing is i'm not so sure one would fit on your moped. ask them first. cause they're advertised for puch and tomos only. on my 92 tomos golden bullet ttlx i tried to install one but it wouldn't fit on the standard engine at least not without modification. it fit on the 70cc engine though. oh yeah. don't get a 70cc engine... ever. junk.


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RE: Morini/Biturbo Exhaust Compatibility

why u say that?! my friend has one and his moped is bitchin! it does 50! so give me a reason pleasse

RE: Morini/Biturbo Exhaust Compatibility

tom, get the two piece bi turbo, and you can make it work in your situation.

it has to be the two piece.


RE: Morini/Biturbo Exhaust Compatibility

I have a 70cc kit on my targa lx too, and it rules!

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