Got the motobecane running

Yup just cleaned the muffler it was completly clogged.I just had matt hold down the decompresion thingy he let off and i hit the throttle.Started right up.It sounds good i just need a inertube so i can ride it....see ya


Re: Got the motobecane running

yo walker.. way to go, bro...

now, if i can get my damn motobecane running we can race or something.

the new moped stand / work station thing looks great, by the way. you guys rocked that one out.


Re: Got the motobecane running

Cool... glad to see it was an easy find.. my problems never are that easy.

Re: Got the motobecane running

Yeah it started up and runs good and every thing but it still needs alot of work.Just little stuff luckly all the parts are available. Now if i can just figure out this tomos clutch ill be happy as can be...That thing is mystery... dont know if it can be fixed.

Re: Got the motobecane running

Keep her runnin' Walker!This weather is supposed to let up after tomorrow.I'm hopin'! (:^)

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