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hey duck i saw 2 pougeot mopeds for sale here is the link one if a 102 and the other is a 103 the prices are 225 and 100



Hey Chuck did you lso notice the "MOTO Pecan" for sale in that same list?


......what NUT sent that in?Sorry for the Country Corn from a Flake! Ha!Just couldn't resist it,Zippy!

Re: Hey,Zippy.............

SHUCKS Don....That was a good one.

Re: Hey,Zippy.............


Re: Hey,Zippy.............

Thats what I needed! Have anyone done buisness from this site? Kinda wierd looks realy cheesy .. Hope I dont get scammed some how

I broke a huge hole now bigger then a 50 cent piece int eh tank trying to "fix" it.. lol

Re: Hey,Zippy.............


Recycler is an online classified for individuals selling all kinds of stuff. I have bought several things from this site. YMMV depending on how many questions you ask.It is horse trading pure and simple. Since you would be buying sight unseen, ask lots of pointed questions and ask for pictures. These bikes are all probably in the L.A./ Orange county area. It is about 500 miles from me or I would go check them out for you.

You could fly out and we could check out the peds and the beaches of Southern California. Lots of thong bikini clad moped riders on those beaches.

Wish they all could be California girls .....

Re: Hey,Zippy.............

Yeah that one cracked me up. "Cracked me up", get it?Like "nut cracker", Oh never mind.

God, how I miss Hee Haw!


CHUCK EMAIL BUDDY EMAIL... seesh.. now some other bloke is gonna end up with it..


well I called the old guy.. he was tyring to sell it local.. I think he will ship it to me though.. he is gonna check it out for me tommorrow. I am so stoked..

It needs a few minor things to get it runing.. I will just use it and save my parts for well um parts.. LOL

I just hope shipping isn't more then the bike itself.. From california to georgia.. it just might be.

WOHOO Damn I am a proud sob.. I hope it works out... I don't like the fact it isn't over an auction or secure site like ebay or something.. we havn'et discussed how payments will work yet. I'm happy though.. hopefully you girls and guys wont hav eto hear about 102 woahs anymore!

Re: Hey,Zippy.............

Hey zippy.. you forget I live in Florida.. (okay 6 miles from the line actualy) but hehe... I get plenty of southern belles to look at... all the beaches here have stinky ole snail to ride.. rental scooters.. not many actual mopeds..

I'm thinking that there where only two moped import places in the us.. California and Ohio... LOL.. eeryone i see for sale is in one of the two.

Re: Recycler

The Recycler has been around since 1973 and that's where I found my first moped in 1987. It was a '78 Sears Free Spirit.

It's also the place I found that near mint '77 Peugeot with 400+ miles on it.

There have been dogs, too. But you just have to know your stuff and never rely on a sellers description.

Nobody ever knows anything about the item they are selling except for the price!

Oh yeah, I found my last deal of a lifetime there: the fabled Solex Micron scooter!





great.. thanks man

I asked alot of questions and truthfuly all I need is the frame. so even if the rest is broken down and ugly... I would still want/need it.

Re: Hey,Zippy.............

Hey,Zippy!I'd like to come take a Pec-an your beach at those girls,but it would take me Al-Mond-ay to do it.Whew!That one is bad!Sorry!(:^)

Re: Recycler

The fabled Solex `micron' scooter?HaHaHaHaHaaaaa!Is that like a Unicorn on wheels,Jim?LOL!!


Damn after the guy commited to the sale and told me he would be shipping it tommorrow.. I get a phone call back and he tells me that the moped is no longer for sale his Son would like it. ...

DAMN man.. I was so close to getting a working moped.. I HAVE TO HAVE ONE BY NEXT THURSDAY FOR PANAMA CITY SPRING BREAK..

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