Diff/bet Puch Maxi and Sport

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I just got a Puch Sport MKII, a 1980 model according to the seller. I used to have a Puch that I bought new around 1980, and I think it was a Maxi. What's the difference? This "new" once seems about 5 mph slower.



Re: Diff/bet Puch Maxi and Sport

The sport MKII has a two speed tranny, which is the only mechanical difference that I know of. You can probably get it to go faster if you clean the carb, take off the air restriction on the airbox and install a bigger jet. I prefer the one speed maxi myself.


Re: Diff/bet Puch Maxi and Sport

Crisis!That's only `cause you live where the land's pretty flat,you slug!Now what if Jeff lives in hilly land and he goes out and buys a single speed PUSH on your say-so??You've committed him to a life of peddling that single-speed!A single-speed in Jackson County here just means your legs are gonna get stronger and stronger.LOL!! JUST KIDDING,CRISIS!

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Hey now Donny...chill out! Hehe. :) I have just heard that those two speed trannys mess up a lot. If you want to take some hills out, get a moped that uses a variator... belt driven style! My grande pulls hills like a maniac.

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yeah peugeot powered perferably.

2-speeds are better!

Yeah,I'm workin' on that one as we speak!Got a brand new Franco-Morini variator engine ordered from Chris at MopedWarehouse.Can't wait!But a 2-speed'll clean a single-speed on hills every time!And takin' off at intersections is drastically improved.I'm talkin' real hills now.Not what you `Western Ohio Flatland Dwellers' call hills.Those are humps!HaHaHaHaaaa!

Re: 2-speeds are better!

Don you need to come to Cincy and see what we are talking about. Mt. Adams has some of the steepest hills around. Clifton isn't so flat either. I live on the river, so it is pretty flat, but it's all uphill from there.

Re: 2-speeds are better!

Yeah,just funnin' ya' Crisis!I know all along the Ohio river there are a lot of hills.But I ain't kiddin' about single-speed mopeds.I'll never own another one if I can help it.Variable drive and 2-speeds are the way to go!Yippeeee!!

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