Wanna thank Simon,Dan,.....

.......and whomever has set up this site in the most efficient manner I've ever seen.I check out a lot of forums,guys,and this is the easiest and best by far.I just want to say thanks.The `latest post' option would improve every other forum I've seen.The buy-sell forum is fantastic!KUDOS for a great help to all! (I hope you hear the applause) (:^)

Re: Wanna thank Simon,Dan,.....

Don isn't lying.. man he POSTS EVERYWHERE...

I have noticed a bit more people adding to the site lately too.. I always use the moped army signature on other moped

sites to draw some attention and to show my pride!

I hope this wont end up causing some negative or adverse attention from jackass's .. nah probly not.

I agree and have wrote simon too int he past.. thank the ARMY and everyone on this site that contributes...

I get alot from this place... socializing learning laughter and even friendship

I noticed somethin.

Just to blow the whistle (on myself too)- you can tell who has axcess at their job..... most posts are made either 8:00AM to 5:00PM or 8:00PM to midnight. I guess everybody is out ridin form 5PM to 8PM. :D

Re: I noticed somethin.

Yeah,but many of us work a swing shift,so the forum goes well into the wee mornin' hours.

Re: Wanna thank Simon,Dan,.....

You're very welcome. I'm glad this site has become everything I've wanted it to.

As always, if you have any suggestions, I like to hear them.


Re: I noticed somethin.

And then there's those in different time zones all over the world.

Re: Wanna thank Simon,Dan,.....

Okay,thanks again Simon!(:^)

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