Now Look!

OK now i got it.


It's so cute....Awwwww.....

........As Fred would say.Yeah,I remember that Gyro-snail you got for almost nothin'.It is cute,though.Now look out!Rog and Don-NY,and maybe Jim C. will be waterin' at the mouth!You better double your locks and let the dog out.How's that Tomos you fixed up for ME doin' now?LOL!!

Re: It's so cute....Awwwww.....

It runs and looks like brand new!!! Did i tell ya i got another one exactly like it?

Re: It's so cute....Awwwww.....

WHAT?!!!! No,you didn't!It can't be in that good of shape can it?OH!You mean the Tomos.Yeah,you told me about it.You're gonna be Ike's `Tomos Restorations and Taillight Sales' pretty soon.LOL!!

Re: It's so cute....Awwwww.....

Dude-- those Gyros are super cool. I want a canopy version, ride in all weather.

I gotta get one. Are you restoring them to sell?

Re: It's so cute....Awwwww.....

Oh,yeah,Ike!Here comes `ol Wayne from Maine!He's partial to escargot also.Ha!

Re:what'dya do steal it

a grocery store,,bahahahahahahhahaa , and whats that thing in the background,,Home made!!! hahahahahahaha

Re:what'dya do steal it

Ya' can just hear the ENVY comin' out `o `ol Rog,Can't ya' Ike! I told you he couldn't stand it!Once a snail gets under your skin,it's yours for life.Ha!.......Rog,I've seen that Honda in person,and it looks showroom buddy!I'll rub salt on him Ike!

Re: Now Look!

ah hahaha yall quack me up

Re: It's so cute....Awwwww.....


No, this is the only one i have. I just stumbled on to it!

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