vespa problems

ok ... so i replaced the starter springs. the one in the bike was broken (the other of the two was fine). however ... the grande still won't run. there was a lot of oil/grease in the clutch hub where the shoes would press against. i think it's supposed to be a dry clutch ... so could that be my problem?

i tried running the bike w/o the plastic covers on, and the clutch spun freely enough when i pushed the bike. so what could be wrong? the weather is getting nice and i really want to get this grande up and running again. please help!

i don't have a repair manual, and i'm used to minarelli bikes ... so all the help is appreciated.

Re: vespa problems

On a vespa, when the starter clutch is working correctly, the engine won't turn over until you're pedalling it at a certain speed, it's somewhere between 5 and 10 mph. Once you hit that speed, the starter clutch just kicks in.

Re: vespa problems

aha! ... i'll try that. maybe it was just in bad shape before? because before it was engaging right away no problem. so i was expecting resistance immediately. i'll try it as soon as i get home. man i hope it runs!

Re: vespa problems


You were getting resistance immediately because of the broken spring. Now you need some momentum before it kicks in. Clean it out so that it is really dry. No grease should be in there.


Re: vespa problems

ok. i haven't totally cleaned it out yet ... but i ran my ass off w/ the bike (pushing and pedaling numerous times) and to no avail. it won't kick over. i'll take it apart again and try to dry out the bearing grease that's in there. i sure hope it runs!

Re: Could be...


When you removed the starter clutch did you reinstall it in the correct direction?

Try this:

Push the bike backwards with the black button out. If the starter clutch engages, it has to be taken out and flipped over.


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