Honda Camino Rear Transmission

Daniel Angyal /

How the HELL(!!) do i get this piece of s%"#(!!) off!!?? i have this malossi transmission kit, but i can't get this rear transmission metal junk off.. please help.... this is getting really annoying...



please mail me at with your replies!


Re: Honda Camino Rear Transmission

hey, i have a manual for it... ill check it out and see whats up. i've never had to remove my tranny, though... ill post back when i find anything out.

also, when you get it installed... lemme know how it works. i was thinking of ordering that. did you get it from

also, what kind of exhaust do you have on your camino? the proma circuit (from rocks if you are looking for a performance pipe...

Re: Honda Camino Rear Transmission

Daniel Angyal /

I have tried out both the proma circuit and the proma low boy exhausts.. the circuit gives you SICK acceleration, but the low boy has a enourmous top speed change from the circuit... now i'm about to mount this Proma Replica exhaust... it has an exhaust vent, so that i can adjust either top speed og acceleration, or something in between... it rocks.. no, i bought it from a store in norway... please look it up! it would be VERY nice.. :))

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