dang it...

Well the more i try to get this dang ole peugeot project going the more difficulties I run into.

I think for hte most part i can get the 102 stuff to work on the 103.. (since I will be using the whole 102 motor pedal chain and wheel and everything.

I have run into a few minor problems.. the Rear fenders and the sid covers aren't going to work.

Also the frame is a bit diffren't so the carberator tube that leads into the motor will not wokr as it is right now. I am going to haveto make something or get one from a 103.

So far that the only Draw back... well the exhuast is diffren't but I can probly get around it somehow without using the 103 exhuast that would not be a good performance move for the 102 engine...

Heck fire.. nothing is ever easy for me...

Wish I could ifnd a 103 parts bike for 50 to 100 bucks.

or a 102 Frame for that much

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