tecno circut pipe for tomos

chuck russo va /

has anyone tryed the tecno racing circut pipe? its from www.50cc.nl it looks like a leo vinci pipe for a puch but its for tomos i want to know if its better than a biturbo if it is im buying it and selling my biturbo pipe

here the link for the pipe


Re: tecno circut pipe for tomos

The combustion chamber is bigger...more power, but you will need to rejet. I sold my biturbo and got a proma circuit from 50cc.nl. It is makes my Puch much faster than the biturbo.

Re: tecno circut pipe for tomos

Sprint Man /

The exhaust it tight Chuck, but I don't wanna pay all that shipping. Plus, I haven't heard about the quality from anyone. So I'm stickin with bitubo

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