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In December, I had a moped (2001 tomos bullet (actually had a choice b/t the bullet and a TTLX... chose this one because of it's sexy styling...)) fall into my lap (never had a moped before.... I've always been a cyclist). Since I live in the Canadian prairies, I didn't bother taking possesion of it until this past weekend, but I've been lurking here in the meantime.

We're still definitely in the midst of winter here, but I have run out of patience and want to ride now, so I have a few questions for my cold weather comrades:

First, I have a general question:

When I called the license issuer about plates, I was told they would be ~ $270. I've seen numbers on this and other moped sites in the $10-$15 range. wtf? Are the super low numbers I see for tags only with no insurance? If so, how much is insurance normally? Or was the person I was talking to just on glue?

This weekend, when I was test riding, I noticed it took a long time to shift gears (it would rev quite high at ~12 mph for a block or so then you could feel it shift into 2nd and take off). Is this due more to the cold or just that it's a brand new engine/xmission? I assume it's due to the cold (my car does the same thing if I don't warm it up fully) so are there any tricks to prewarm the engine and keep it warm (would a cover over the cowling to keep the wind out be helpful)?

Are there any aftermarket tires I could get to run better in snow? The slicks it comes with will do me no good 9/12 of the year (I use mud tires on my bicycle in the winter and they work better than studs -- is there a similar 'ped option?).

Are there any other things I should be concerned about in the cold (specific oils?)? I'm not concerned about keeping myself warm (I already ride my bicycle all year so I've got all the gear), I just don't want to wreck my new toy.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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That guy could not know what he's talking about.I've seen and heard a lot of guys from Canada on the forums and they haven't complained about licensing at all.But most of them were from Ontario.It would sure be unfair if it's true.BUMMER!

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As far as your tranny shifting shitty....You do know about the break in period on a new engine right?

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I'm from Ontario and here I pay $125 insurance, $10 a year for a sticker, $20 one time for a plate and that's about it.. there isn't any safety required here.

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Sounds good,John!But you think up in the north plains they might have a rip-off law in force?

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Same prices as John for me in Ontario. What province are you in ?bruce

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There is some info on Canadian laws if you go to 'resources' then to community sites and then' retro mopeds'. bruce

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I'm in Saskatchewan.

I just talked to SGI (all licensing and vehicle insurance is done through the provincial insurer) and confirmed the $270.... :(

Do you ride in the winter at all?

It's supposed to warm up to -2 or -3 this weekend so I'm hoping to go for a cruise (I can't believe it's the end of March and it's warming UP to -2).

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You are talking Celsius temperature scale,I hope,Jeremy!We use Fahrenheit in the states.It's more accurate.(finer graduations)Ha!Yeah,we ride in the winter.Most of us anyway seem to go out.Too bad about those costs.Maybe someone here can get you some way to get around such expense.You talkin' 270 Canadian(about 190 or so American?)

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Yeah, Celsius temp and cdn$

My main concern is tires.... can I get some knobbies for my bike? If so, any idea where? Are there any dirtbike tires that would work?

It is tough to see my shiny new moped sitting in the front porch right now with 11.6 miles (I have a US speedo) on it then look at the thermomoter and see it's currently -26C out.

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they've got some knobbies that'll fit some mopeds here:

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Reeperette /

You could try chains...use the forums search ability to look up "Tire Chains".


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