Damned Keys

I lost the keys to my tomos. Is it possible for me to contact tomos somehow and have them send me a new pair? If I can do this, how can I contact them.

Re: Damned Keys

I truthfully don't have much experience with Tomos mopeds, but most other mopeds i've seen have very weak key systems. They are basically just connecting two wires to make a circuit - which you could just connect yourself for the time-being until you get another key.

Again, I have no idea idea if the Tomos is like this, I've simply seen other mopeds with this setup.


Re: Damned Keys

Hello, since Tomos did not use a switch key, you must be talking about the fork lock (?) I had to take a Tomos to a locksmith cost $20 to get a key made.... may as well getting holt of Tomos. They do have a large warehouse in South Carolina. Good Luck.... Doug D.

Damned Keys (Tomos)

Simon, the Tomos doesn't have a motor/starter lock, it has a gas cap lock and a handlebar lock.

SO, someone could start your bike, but they would have to ride in circles and wouldn't get too far.

You could buy a new gas cap, and drill the old one off somehow....

Is the bike currently locked or unlocked? You could ignore the locks and just chain it up, instead.

A locksmith, some kind of bypass, or new keys from Tomos.

Good luck Alex-- I'm suprised I've never heard of anyone losing their keys before. If it was like Simon mentioned, you could just wire past the off/on connection--- like a hotwired car.

See what Ree says about the Key thing.

Re: Damned Keys (Tomos)

no, this has a key slot on the side of front headlight area. Its one of those keys that look like it would goto a soda machine. You can turn it on and take the key out and leave it on and just kill the engine with the kill switch. But someone could just steal the moped, i want to be able to shut it off. I also don't have the fork lock keys.

Re: Damned Keys (Tomos)

What year is your bike? What model? Weird--that sounds like a kryptonite lock's key. My bike only had a locking gas cap and a fork lock.

Those round keys are hard to make copies of.

Re: Damned Keys (Tomos)

2000 sprint

Re: Damned Keys (Tomos)

Mine was a 2000 targa. Maybe you can just buy that part new, and replace it.

I was thinking the targa and the sprint were almost identical. I guess I don't know much about the design of the lock on the sprint.

Let us know how you fix it and what it ends up costing.

Keep checking the thread, see what others have to say.

good luck, again.

Re: Damned Keys (Tomos)

a lot of work was done on this Moped before i got it. SO i'm thinking maybe it was added after it was first marketed. Maybe I'll just have a new ignition installed.

Re: Damned Keys (Tomos)

Does it have any kits or pipes? What kind of 'work' was done?

You might have a 70cc upgrade on there, with a racing carb + sprocket...!

No, seriously though, my 2000 Tomos Targa was a sweet, reliable moped, wrecked in an accident. and I got a 1992 Tomos now, that looks very solid. They are great machines.

Does it have pedals or kickstart? My 2000 was a kick, the 1992 is a pedal.

Re: Damned Keys (Tomos)

Its a kick start. It only has a biturbo, and blinkers were put on it. I think some othe parts from a targa were put on. It def. doesn't have a 70 cc kit. It only does about 38. Its a really solid moped. A lot better than my old express.

Re: Damned Keys

that last message was from me, except I'm using my fried Richs computer who also posts on here so it had his name. Sorry about the mix up.

Re: Damned Keys

I was wondering - the key switch you describe sounds like one that they usually have at radio shack, and what used to be the power lock out on older computers. You could bypass it, get a new one, or see if anyone has one of their old computer keys lying around. You need to get behind it, and see what the connections are. Depending on your moped, if it was wired wrong, it could disable your kill switch.

Re: Express

An NC-50 honda Express? Mine was lime green, a GREAT bike, very nice looking. Didn't have pedals, although it needed them on the hills. I think mine was a 1978, and they did have pedals on some of the earlier ones (NC-50).

They also came in bright orange and a few other, I think a really bright yellow.

Re: Damned Keys

Reeperette /

Someone prolly used a keyboard lock on it, which I have seen done before.

No need for a locksmith, PC keyboard switch keys only come in like, 3 or 4 shape/sizes...go to a PC show or old PC shop and buy some - there ya go.

Although that doesn't bode well for the security of yer 'ped tho, since most computer repair geeksters, self included, have those on the keychain they carry with em all the time.

Good luck,


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