17" wheels on Tomos A35

Hello all. Done a lot of searching and still haven't found a clear answer: Which, if any, 17" wheels will fit my Tomos A35 (Targa) with minimal hassle? I've read that some 17" Sachs wheels are compatible, but nothing more specific than that. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Re: 17" wheels on Tomos A35

17" garelli wheels that came on gran sports use the same sprockets and can be had for cheap.

Re: 17" wheels on Tomos A35

your fenders might have to be modded (?). id be concerned about the wiring for the taillight

Re: 17" wheels on Tomos A35

good luck with gearing

Re: 17" wheels on Tomos A35

Sure you can make the front fit but I don't think you can fit it on the rear unless you got thin tires, I'll look tonight, but theres not a lot of forward clearance in that swingarm if i'm remembering right. maybe with one of the robot extended swingarms

Just about any 17 should work up front, you just might have to modify it to fit the brake stay and you'll have to ditch or mod the fender

on the rear if 17'll even fit you just gotta make sure that it's oneside drive and opposite side brake. Puch won't work cuz they got a separate pedal chain but I believe Sachs, Derbi and most Italian wheels use one-side drive otherside brake.

The only issue then is getting small enough rear sprockets, for sachs the smallest are like 36, which even with the larger wheel won't give you much topend.

Re: 17" wheels on Tomos A35

Thanks for all the good info, guys. At least now I know what I should be on the lookout for. Both of my fenders are removed, so fender clearance/wiring isn't a problem. Swingarm clearance is another hurdle, though...

If the rear sprocket thing is going to be an issue I'll probably just stick with my stock 16s and paint them some rad color.

SWOOP - If you wouldn't mind letting me know what you find out the rear wheel, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

Re: 17" wheels on Tomos A35

Get a streetmate or revival swingarm. They are both 17 inch tires on those I believe.

Re: 17" wheels on Tomos A35

Re: 17" wheels on Tomos A35

yeah it fits, but maybe there's a chain alignment issue> didnt they dish the front sprockets for revivals?

Anyway I'm pretty sure that just goes straight on and that yea, it'll let you rock a 17

Re: 17" wheels on Tomos A35

Are you saying I'd need a dish front sprocket?

It sounds like I'll have to ditch the front fender (until i decide how to mod it on) and it should work with the rear but figure out how the chain aligns... (edited)

Re: 17" wheels on Tomos A35

♣Slew Foot♣ /

This is good info because I'm thinking of taking my 17in grimco rims from the sax and put them on my bullet it looks as though I'd need spacers for the swingarm and I tried this before you can't even fit 16 threes in there you have to deflate the tire to get it on and then re-inflate at once it's on so I would go with a different swing arm anyone know if you can retrofit one of those mono shocks?

Re: 17" wheels on Tomos A35

Revival swingarm, longer shocks, some other type of forks. Easy.

Re: 17" wheels on Tomos A35

Richard Eberline /

On a 16 x 2.50 Tire, I had deflate the tire. 1994 Tomos Sprint. Barely fits and okay on the rest of the frame.

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Streetmate and revival had wider rear tires and hubs. Thus, dished front sprocket.

Using non tomos wheels on a streetmate/revival swingarm will require careful thought to address:

0)shock length and alignment

1)chain length, alignment, and "is some part of the frame gonna be in the way?"

2) axle length

3)Rear hub brake stop

4)tire width to clear chain and frame

5) sprocket teeth for final drive ratio

6) aligning the rear wheel center to the frame center

7) I'm sure theres more.

Feasible? Yes

Easy? no, custom spacers will be required on feckin everything.

That being said, I've done it many times. I put tomos sprint A55 wheels on my puch magnum, streetmate rear wheel on a morini frame and a tomos sprint frame, Yamaha towny wheel on General forks. Blah blah blah.

A55 Tomos mags have one of the largest brake drums. Great for stopping. (edited)

Re: 17" wheels on Tomos A35

Interesting. I will be putting on a non-tomos wheel. Specifically converting this into electric with a rear hub. So some of your points may not matter. Maybe the chain alignment, but I'm also getting a custom crankset bracket made so I'm thinking I should be able to line it up properly then?

Re: 17" wheels on Tomos A35

I found putting 17s on my A55 was an enormous improvement in the riding experience. Italian 17 mags with a flat sprocket was just a tiny bit off for alignment but not enough to matter. Ran it for years. If you love tomos, then 17s are a great upgrade.

Re: 17" wheels on Tomos A35

Hey man, I just stumbled across this thread while looking for some info for some projects I have going on and one of those projects includes an electric motor...did you ever get that bike together? Is it a full electric conversion or a hybrid? I have all the parts in a cart to do it one of 3 ways (rear hub, dual drive that I'm pretty sure will only last a few months at best before eating itself), front hub (with both a thumb and twist throttle so the electric motor can just be used off the line and up hills etc, but that seems funny) and a mid drive setup, which is undoubtedly the most practical and elegant as it eliminates the aforementioned shortcomings, but it's going to take two Rain Mans to make it work, one to engineer it, and one to actually fabricate it. And that's why I've only been putting stuff in an online cart and not actually pulling the trigger. Anyway, how'd you make out and what issues did you have with what solutions and to what result?

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