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I hear this term "top end speed". What the hell is this as opposed to any other type of speed.

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top end speed is how fast your moped will go, full throttle on flat ground.

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What other kind of speed is there?

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Hehe...There is bottom end, but that is more to do with take off power, and hill climbing, rather than an actual speed measurment. The best scenario, is to have a good bottom end and top end. The thing is that usually, if you do a mod to make your ped have more top end, (like a performance pipe), it will take away from your bottom end, and vice versa. The way I look at it is this: I want my 50cc peds to have a quick take off and an top end of about 40mph. It is not easily acheived, but it can be done with a few modifications.

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It's called "WIDE OPEN" LOL

Other types of speed.

Richard wrote:


> I hear this term "top end speed". What the hell is this as

> opposed to any other type of speed.

Other types of speed ??... OK... let me see... there is



top end


low end

slow as molasses

bog slow


slow as don-ohio

faster than stink

wide freaking open (WFO)

going balls out

flying low

going flat out

tootling along



This guy here ?... he's going about 150mph... make up your own description

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Re: Other types of speed.

Hey,Fred!Slow as me?'m.....slooowww?.....Yaawwwnnnn.......Just cause I'm old and lazy I'll bet.So how fast are YOU in your old age,Methuselah?

Re: Other types of speed.

Hey don... I had to pick somebody just for fun.

I figured you would take it as well as any.

Me? ... slow as 90W gear oil at the Arctic circle.

; )


Okay,Fred.Just so's you're not singling me out `cause I'm old and weak like gas station coffee.Ha! (:^)

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