Any easy performace boosts for a maxi?

Hey everyone,

I have a 1978 Puch maxi luxe and i want a pinch more speed out of it. Anybody know any alterations i can do to it in my garage to speed it up a little? 27mph just isnt enought around these here parts. ;) Thanks

Trac Man

Re: Any easy performace boosts for a maxi?

If you mean "in my garage" as "with simple hand tools", then are lots of things you can do with aftermarket and new/used factory parts to make it go faster. If you mean "what can I do without buying anything", there are a few:

1 Clean and gap your plug

2 Clean and lube your chain and make sure its at proper tension

3 Re lube your axle bearings front and rear

4 Make sure your carb jet is clean

5 Make sure your airbox assembly flows well

6 De coke your exhaust port (requires removal of pipe)

7 De coke your pipe as best you can

8 Run a fully synthetic Type F ATF

9 Some folks ditch the headgasket and cinch the head directly to the jug ala Tomos engines for a little more compression. (I don't recomend it, you can get super thin head gaskets from a moped place. But if you do, check for piston/head clearance before you run it)

10 Run your tires at a few psi higher than specified

11 Adjust your brakes to eliminate any shoe drag if there is any

If you do all of these things, you might make 30-31 mph if your lucky.

Good Luck

Re: Any easy performace boosts for a maxi?

If you pull off the air box, You may see (if it hasn't been removed already) a little white corrugated tube. Remove it. This will usually get you a little extra speed. However, if you do this it would also be wise to do a plug chop (see Fred's guide). Also, do a search on this site, there have been numerous posts on Puch performance adjustments. I have kinda started a book of them that I have printed out. I just save em in case it is something I want to try in the future. Good Luck!

Re: Any easy performace boosts for a maxi?

columbiamoped /

you could always tow it behind a car thats what i think i have to do with mine at least.

Re: Any easy performace boosts for a maxi?

I have tried removing the little white hose from the back of the air box and it makes it not want to run right. At full throttle it boggs out and wants to stop. Will i need to re-jet it to make it run richer??

thanks a lot


Re: Any easy performace boosts for a maxi?

Yes, but if you are going to start messing around with induction stuff, you ought to also take a look at your manifold. Puch Manifolds come in several different flow profiles. They are all 12mm but some have square ports on the bottom, some have round ones. I have seen square port motors with round port manifolds from the factory. That cannot be an optimal flow configuration. My moped place used to have a whole box full of old manifolds that I was able to look through til I found the right port and the least restrictive interior "grind". I have even drilled an honed custom manifolds but this is a pain. After selecting the right port configuration and finding the manifold with the least restrictive interior passage its just a matter of jetting it right. I have even ditched the entire airbox outfit in favor of a fabricated velocity stack. Unless you ride through dusty construction sites all day, and run the sidecovers on it, you shouldn't have to worry about filtration issues. Stock air cleaner assemblies don't filter much anyway.

Re: Any easy performace boosts for a maxi?

On my Puch, I just took off that white hose and the restrictor plug and put in a bigger jet. That is what you should do. That way you can get the true power out of your 50cc, with little modification.

Re: Any easy performace boosts for a maxi?

Your puch is bogging without the hose because you are taking off some of the air restriction, and it is running lean. If you pull off that white hose, there should also be a black plug with a rectangular hole in it. Remove that plug. With the hose and the plug gone, you will be running lean as hell. Now all you need to do is buy some bigger jets off Ike and start going through the motions, doing plug chops, until you get that golden brown color on your spark plug. Have fun dude.


Re: Any easy performace boosts for a maxi?

Huh......anybody out there got any just for a maxi they wanna sell? Like ones bigger then the stock size?

Thanks a mil,

Trac Man

Re: Any easy performace boosts for a maxi?

Hey Trac,

Find me a little dirtbike for my brother's kid that runs or is even all in one piece and I'll trade a 40mph Maxi with a box of parts that'll take you a month just to catalogue. How's that for a performance mod?


Re: Any easy performace boosts for a maxi?

It might just be time for a topend job too

Re: Any easy performace boosts for a maxi?

Where you live? I might be able to hook you up.

Trac Man

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