can you figure this out ?

This is for fun.

Can you figure out whats wrong in this picture ??

Give yourself a minute or so to examine this pic and try to figure out whats wrong.

A box of high performance valve core stems goes to the first one to figure it out.

Re: can you figure this out ?

yeah, i figured it out... after about 40 seconds, a face pops up, screams, and freaks me the hell out.




Re: can you figure this out ?

that scared the hell out of me

Re: can you figure this out ?

Yeah I know what's wrong, that radiator in the corner isn't bolted down, hooked up to any pipes or anything, it's just waiting for somebody to knock up against it so it can fracture their legs.

Re: can you figure this out ?

Come on guys,the dining room table is in the bedroom. Doug D

Re: can you figure this out ?

There must be more to this but I can't see it.

Re: can you figure this out ?

gimmyjimmy /

the moped in the picture hanging on the wall is missing....

so are the curtains.

<img src="">;

Re:you guys arent paying

any where near enough attention or you would see the problem........turn it on,get close to the screen and watch it for 60 seconds without takin your eyes off the screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: can you figure this out ?

geez casey... doesn't that kind of screw any fun it might have been ...(by giving it away?)

Don't tell the punchline before its time.

Re: can you figure this out ?

ehh... maybe so. but at least you know i fell for it... right?

most likely, anyone who saw your post went to the link before reading all the follow-up posts to see what was "wrong"... and if they did, they were trying to ruin the game for themselves.

good link, though... you got me. =]

Re: can you figure this out ?

Got me,Fred!And I'm at work so it didn't fly too well.LOL!!Gonna keep the pc on mute from now on!

Re: can you figure this out ?

O.K. it has a much better effect with the speakers turned on.

Re: can you figure this out ?

Thanks Fred!! Now i gotta go change my pants!!!!!

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