Chapter in MD?

psychowulf (Chris) /

Hey any way a branch of the Moped Army could be spread to Maryland?

It's looking 100% positive that I'm getting a moped, the aforementioned Tomos Targa most likely...

Add to that the fact my roommate is now reviving his interest in mopeds and is considering rebuilding his, and our whole crew of friends is now reconsidering the "Mopeds are like fat chicks, they're fun till your friends catch you riding one," thing...

As I say, I'll ride a sporty fat chick (for those getting offended I mean the Targa I'm hopefully buying) anyday rather than walk.

So if we get some 'peds gathered together down here think there could be an expansion?

Just tossing out some ideas.

psychowulf (Chris)

Ps: I think I like driving that 'lil 'ped even more than my car, and she's a classic! ('67 Chevy II, runs low 12's/high 11's)

RE: Chapter in MD?

Shane Wolfe /

I'm located in Allegany County... I also have a few people interested in a Moped Army division.

Even got an idea for a name...

psychowulf (Chris) /

It's kinda ripped from my car, kinda ripped from the engine of the ped....

The Deuces

Now tell me why has nobody thought of that for a moped gang before?


Oh and I'm locacted in Wicomico county, so any in the Dover, Deleware to Ocean City, Maryland to the southern tip of Maryland's Eastern Shore are really in moped driving distance for me I imagine. So really the "Shore gang" and the "West gang" (comprising the rest of MD way I see it) could really work. And none of this stupid Eastside-Westside crap you always hear of any other time with stuff like this.


Well, comments on the name and again input on the feasibility of getting a chapter validated in MD are all welcomed and wanted.


RE: Even got an idea for a name...

did you search the <a href=""><moped owners directory></a> for people in you area?

RE: Even got an idea for a name...

Shane J. Wolfe /

Sounds cool... too bad we couldn't get a chapter for the whole state. I have trouble finding riders in my area.

RE: Even got an idea for a name...

Simon King /

that'd be awesome if you got people together to start a branch. you need at least 3 to start one up. i'll tell anyone i find in MD to email you


RE: Even got an idea for a name...

Reeperette /

Take a trip to MD's Anne Arundel County area - specifically, Glen Burnie, Pasadena and surrounding suburban areas.

You should have no trouble rounding up a good 15-20 of them, especially in the spring and summer - there's always been a bit of an entrenched crowd of all ages due to MD's total scam operations dealing with cars.(tags,title,license,inspection,emissions,hassle,hassle,hassle, $$$, $$$, $$$)

In order to even put a heap on the road, between all of that is $4,000.00 + and for a 'ped all you need is the K-permit, 20 bucks to pay for it, and a quick law test.

So you have a lot of them just south of Baltimore in the safer suburban riding areas, just a matter of finding them and getting them interested.


RE: I&#039;ll join

I live in Maryland (Carroll County). I'll join. What kind of Moped are you getting?


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