should I fix it myself ?

The piston on my mobylette needs to be replaced. This would be my first real moped repair, and I'm wondering if this is a difficult repair. I've got the manual and it doesn't look too complicated. Should I have a mechanic do it, or should I do it myself ? Any advice would be appreciated !!!!!!

RE: should I fix it myself ?

I'd do it myself. Make sue you've got the right size piston and pistonsprings to go with your cylinder. Be very carefull not to drop anything into the carter, wrap a piece of cloth around the driveshaft to block the hole in the carter. And make sure NOT to scratch the piston or the inside of the cylinder, and be carefull not to break the pistonsprings. The rest schould be done just like it says in the manual. Also you shouldn't use old gaskets, always use new gaskets and make sure to tighten the cylinderhead down equally across.

RE: should I fix it myself ?

try it yourself, just take your time and don't scratch anything. good luck


RE: should I fix it myself ?

Make sure you look for the locater pin in the ring grooves of the piston..... that is where the split in the ring goes...... and if you don't have that lined up when you assemble it you will damage the cylinder and the ring..... also make sure the rings are right side up.... the side of the rings that faces the spark plug normally have small letters stamped on them

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