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I have a 1990 Honda Elite SB50P . I am seeming to be having a problem getting Fuel into the Motor. If i poor some down the Plug Hole, and start it it will runn until it runs out of gas in the cylinder. But that is the only way to get it to start. I have bought and installed a new fuel filter. So i know fuel is going to the carb. Anyone know what might be causing this? I am new to scooters. BTW this bike sat for a while so i have not taken the carb apart.


Re: Honda Sb50p

first off, remove the carb and clean it thoroughly with carb cleaner & compressed air. make sure to clean out every little passage and orifice. the float and everything should move freely... might also be a good idea to use a VERY fine piece of wire to make sure the main jet is clear. you should be able to hold it up and see light through it. although, i just usually hold the nozzle tube of the carb cleaner up to it and spray it through until its good...

and make sure you put all parts back as they belong. and replace any gaskets that are torn or mangled.

good luck.


Re: Honda Sb50p

Christian /

Thanks I will try that ! c:)

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